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Vino e formaggi

Who we are

In Italy the sun makes the tomatoes blush, it shines on the golden wheat, while the dew makes the berries of our grapes shine. 

This is the Italian scenario that has always thrilled us Masters of Pasta.

And that's what we miss when we're abroad. 

For this reason we have joined together, we are a group of entrepreneurs who promote the quality and flavors of our authentic Italian food and wine culture abroad. 

Our brand has long been imprinted on the sign of two popular Luxembourg locations, at the “Kirchberg” and “Cloche d'Or” shopping centres.

In our premises we combine the interpretation of Made in Italy culinary traditions, made with excellent quality ingredients and without the use of preservatives, with a marked sensitivity towards sustainability. 

The green style that marries the well-being needs of the current public. 

Our strong point is, without a doubt, pasta interpreted in the most famous typical shapes and recipes, accompanied by sauces that have conquered the whole world.

Carbonara, Puttanesca, Arrabbiata are just some of the proposals most appreciated by the public every day. 

Our exquisite cheese cream and fragrant Genovese pesto delight any palate, even the most demanding. 

“Our goal is to provide a memorable experience of authentic and healthy Italian cuisine in a comfortable environment”

Roberta S.

"I love the location of this restaurant, I was intrigued by the new management and, as an Italian, I must say that their dishes respect tradition 100%!" 

Francesco P.

"I decided to celebrate my birthday here because I was attracted by the atmosphere of this place. I organized an aperitif with my friends and they were all enthusiastic!
Thanks to all the staff at al21!"

Christopher M.

"I was invited to this restaurant for a dinner organized by my company. What can I say...SURPRISE!
Delicious food, super friendly staff, fantastic atmosphere. 

The restaurant

Al 21 Italian Restaurant, Lounge & Wine Bar is a welcoming environment where you can enjoy quality Italian cuisine and a meeting point that offers peaceful, relaxing and fun moments. 

It is the novelty signed by the Maestri della Pasta, a group of Italian entrepreneurs who offer the quality and flavors of authentic Italian cuisine abroad.

The design space, tastefully furnished, can be enjoyed in an indoor and outdoor version, thanks to the external terrace. 

A comfortable living room where you can let yourself be conquered by the fast, easy and engaging style, and by the menu that releases appetizing aromas and appetizing tastes, accompanied by the typical Made in Italy welcome.


Who can resist fresh pasta dishes, without preservatives, accompanied by the most appetizing sauces? And the smile arises spontaneously in front of Roman-style pizza, an authentic trend of the moment, with a fragrant dough enriched with various types of fragrant and delicious fillings. 


There are many occasions for a tasty break during the day: lunch, aperitif, dinner, after dinner. 

We make each of these moments special. 


Al 21 is the best setting for an event, a private party, a company meeting. 


It can accommodate a business lunch, an aperitif with friends, a relaxing after dinner and a special occasion to celebrate, responding to the needs of our guests. 

Tappi per vino

Opening time

Monday: 11.00 - 15.00

Tuesday - Thursday: 11.00 - 15.00 -- 18.00 - 22.00

Friday: 11.00 - 15.00 -- 18.00 - 24.00

Saturday: 18.00 - 24.00

Sunday: CLOSED

We are waiting for you!

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